Saturday, June 03, 2017

Something in the Air

Not more than two weeks after the siege of Marawi, we have just this Friday the tragic incident at Resorts World, right in the heart of Metro Manila. Apart from the alleged gunman -- dead in an apparent suicide -- thirty-six other people perished through suffocation. When the story broke in the wee hours of the morning, there was speculation that this was the handiwork of ISIS. But since 'terrorism' doesn't fit the official narrative, this was quickly labeled as a robbery, the work of a lunatic, the revenge of a high-roller who lost hundreds of millions. This, despite the fact that, twenty four hours and closed circuit TV footage, the alleged gunman remains unidentified.

So right now I'll just label the story "bizarre." Point one: a man entered a high-end casino with a long firearm. Your ordinary lunatic this was not. Point two: he was supposed to have taken P113 million pesos in casino chips -- effectively play money, worthless play money -- hence the robbery angle. What a strange robbery!

In the previous dispensation, we had the Luneta bus hostage crisis, nine people dead. Is this random chance, mere bad luck, in a country where lunatics with grievances have easy access to high-powered weapons? Or are we simply cursed?

Remember: this is not supposed to happen. Martial law is in effect in part of the country, the rest of the country should reasonably be in a heightened state of alert, moreso in the highly urbanized, highly-dense capital of the nation. Even if the gunman was not ISIS, he just demonstrated how inutile our so-called security is and how vulnerable we are. Thirty-seven dead, without really trying.

Remember, too: last year, this present dispensation promised "peace and order", or his brand of it, anyway, shoot-to-kill-no-questions-asked-I'll-even-give-you-a-medal-for-it. For this past year, we've had an escalation of sanctioned violence, and now, martial law. You'd think this would put the fear of god into all but....

Perhaps all this talk of killing that flows like canal water from the mouth of the troll-in-chief is acting as a karmic battery, concentrating all that negative energy and corrupting all around. Or if karma is too New Age-y a term, perhaps call it a contagious mental illness. This atmosphere of relentless violence will eventually take its toll on people's psyche and make it all that much easier to inflict the same to others. Violence begets violence, killing begets killing.

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