Saturday, January 28, 2017

My First Drone Selfie

I finally gave in and ordered a quadcopter drone from an online reseller. The Syma X5UC was a cheap (well, relatively cheap) unit that I got for under P2,000. It arrived early this week but it was only today that I got to really take it out for a spin.

It's a good unit, easy for a beginner like me. Sturdy, too, because I crashed it into trees, bushes, lampposts, and not to mention the ground several times (and each time my heart flinched a little bit) but it still kept going. I'm low on both batteries now so I've had to call it a morning. Maybe tomorrow again.

Did I mention it has an onboard camera? Most of my shots were lousy and the video didn't show at all BUT joy of joys my very first shot ever with the drone turned out to be a selfie! Yup, that's ME! Note the look of intense concentration masking fear of yet another crash.