Sunday, December 18, 2016

352: Art and Culture

This week brought a couple of surprises as far as my -- ahem! -- art is concerned. Last Monday my friend P--, an editor, curator, and former colleague at Ateneo, emailed me with a request: could she use the poetry that I recorded for SoundCloud as part of a museum exhibit for one of Davao's literary giants? But of course! I didn't expect that anything would come out of <a href=">July's experiments but I'm glad someone found some use for it and that I have contributed to culture.

Then last Thursday, I got an email from a doctoral student asking for access to my Slideshare presentation on Speculative Fiction. Apparently my fiction forms part of the material for his dissertation. (And so as not to overinflate my importance, he is studying some 250 authors, which still puts me in a select group.) Imagine that!