Friday, November 25, 2016

329: Slow Cooking

I never used to cook before, but recently I discovered /r/slowcooking and let's just say my skills have gone up a couple of levels. The idea of preparing something more basic than an egg and a slice of ham seemed absurd at first, but I couldn't get the thought of those delicious-sounding recipes out of my head.  Last weekend I bought my first slow cooker, a cheap 3.0-liter unit.  It would actually have been the smallest model, a 1.5-liter unit, but I thought better of it.  That other model would have been too limiting.

My first project was a breakfast casserole: frozen hash browns, a mix of milk and eggs, and ground pork.   I threw them into the pot and let them cook overnight.  By Sunday morning, I had something that felt and tasted like meatloaf.  It was quite good, too.  In what was a first ever in my life, I gave the product of my cooking to my Mom.
Last night, I decided to make lazy pulled pork.  Mom bought me a slab of pork butt (which turns out to be actually the shoulder) and I marinated it in barbecue sauce and root beer.  As before, I left it to cook overnight and by morning, I had the dish pictured above.  I brought it to my parents' house and that's what we had for lunch.

I can say that my cooking was a success by this simple measure: my Dad finished off two plates of the pulled pork.  I heard from Mom that was what he was having for dinner, too.

As for me, I made a small omelette with the meat and stuck it in a sandwich.  It was great.  

I have levelled up.