Wednesday, November 16, 2016

321: Dog Memory

While we were away for the better part of three weeks, we left our dog A-- with my parents.  I mention this by way of background.  During that time, our dog would be in an another environment, in which case I would expect her to adapt, maybe picking up some other habits, good and bad.  Nothing much to be done about the latter, I know, but it is what it is.  We couldn't well take her with us.

Now we have an understanding with our dog.  When it rains heavily, she gets to sleep inside the house.  This started one particularly heavy downpour.  Taking pity on our dog, we let her in the house.  Now she expects to be let in every time there's a hint of rain.  If we don't, she knocks until we relent.

I would have thought three weeks away would have cured her of these expectations, but no.  Tonight, with the rain coming down heavy, she knocked on the door again.  I let her stay in a while but when I shooed her out, she gave me this reproachful look, as if to say: "Really? You're going to send me out? In the rain?"

So now she's taken her place underneath the bed, staying low and quiet.  How ever will I send her out?