Sunday, November 13, 2016

318: ...and home

I touched down in Cebu at around five in the morning.  Customs was a breeze, though I discovered that my big box (you know, that box) had been opened in LAX.  After all the transfers and such, I spent just another two hours waiting for the flight to Davao.  Then, home.  When all is said and done, there's nothing quite like the comfort of your own living room and bed.  


  1. A chance meeting with a former student *within two hours of arriving in the US.*

  2. A peek into Guillermo del Toro's twisted mind.

  3. Taking in a real Rembrandt.

  4. The view from Griffith Observatory.

  5. Touching the Saturn V rocket.

  6. Genuine Texan hickory smoked beef ribs.

  7. Learning that a giant sloth is the size of an elephant, and that it was probably eaten to extinction because of its tasty meat.

  8. Also: turkeys are the descendants of dinosaurs.

  9. And: the artwork of the Society of Animal Artists is a real inspiration.

  10. Chatting with Neal Adams.

  11. Catching a glimpse of Stan Lee.

  12. Shaking Walter Koenig's hand.

  13. Wandering around, dazed, on the floor of the Los Angeles Comic Convention, lost among comic artists and cosplayers.

  14. Taking the Amtrak and the Los Angeles Metro.

  15. *Dia de los Muertos*

  16. Driving at 90mph on the I-15, knuckles white from gripping the steering wheel a little too tightly.

  17. The fountains at Bellagio, and fending off a pushy busquer in a Spider-Man outfit.

  18. Downtown Las Vegas, a glimpse of the cyberpunk future, where I would have wanted to stay longer.

  19. Dapper Day at Disney.

  20. Palm Springs by public transportation.

  21. Hitting the limit on the baggage allowance, and a love letter from the TSA.