Wednesday, November 02, 2016

308: Inktober Retrospective

inktober-galleryInktober is over and done with and I'm proud to say I rose up to the challenge. Presenting here in one gallery are thumbnails of 30 of the 31 drawings that I put together over the course of the month.

Inktober took this blog in a different direction than I had originally expected. Not much text to add, and that's because, first and foremost, I found myself at a busy stage both at work and in my personal life. In a way, Inktober came at the right time to accommodate this shift in schedule. In some ways, it was easier to do, though I admit, a bit of a cop-out. Then again, I am writing this from a different time zone.

I made all my drawings on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. It's getting on in years but it is still quite functional. I used two programs, Corel Painter Mobile for the still images and Flip-A-Clip for the animations. I've had both programs for a while but Inktober really forced me to use them.

As a result, I feel that my art has really improved. My line control has gotten much better and I've managed to work around the digitizer jitter that I've learned is common with digital drawing.

I admit: some days I've been lazy and I took the easy way out, though in my defense, those days were also busy days. They're quite obvious in the results: Slow, Small, and Wet are examples of this.

Other days, when I have had more leisure to draw, brought their share of surprises and I was very pleased with the output. My favorites are these:




I think I'm on my way to developing my own style. I think I might actually continue with the daily drawing habit and see where else this will take me.