Friday, September 30, 2016

274: Twenty Random

  1. A box of unread books, set aside to be given away, but you don't want to just yet.

  2. St. Philip K. Dick, who glides at the edge of your vision during the first few moments of an acid trip.

  3. Stop every so often, look back, is your shadow in a different position?

  4. The tonic brought his hair back to life, but he suspected it was making him impotent.

  5. He missed the winning lotto combination by three numbers. He was devastated.

  6. Facebook is mind control and Zuckerberg is a lizard in disguise.

  7. Today the Green Army pushed back the Tans over the sofa line. Perhaps tomorrow it would be different.

  8. To my niece I bequeath my Steam account and its 746 games.

  9. The two hundred Mars colonists resorted to violence and cannibalism when the supply ships failed to arrive on schedule.

  10. For his sixty-fifth birthday, he got a pink table.

  11. There was this one spot, just over two feet in diameter, where the rain never fell.

  12. He was finally ready to write his novel but the last typewriter repair man died that week.

  13. Carelessly he stepped on a snail shell. It gave way with a crack.

  14. Suddenly all the phones in the city started ringing, all at the same time.

  15. Coffee, chocolates, a bit of stale bread, toasted.

  16. After four months in office, the president was declared insane.

  17. Do not read this.

  18. The work was good, very good, too good. He felt insanely jealous of the author. He forgot that he wrote it himself three months ago.

  19. Were you really expecting twenty?