Monday, September 05, 2016

248: Queens

img_20160904_192437.jpgMy wife heard that they had put up a new neon sign on the old Queens theater along Ponciano St. Queens used to be quite the landmark back in the day. That was the movie theater to go to, one of the best in the city. My parents used to take my sister and me there for the last full show. My wife has a stronger emotional connection to Queens. Her aunt used to run the coffee shop there. Her dad would also take a turn managing it.

Then over time it went downhill, passed over as development happened elsewhere. Now it's back, though not as a theater. I hear it's an office now. No matter, it's good to see the old girl cleaned up from its sorry state. I hope it continues to improve.

They paved over the bomb crater at Roxas. They did it immediately the day after, so the vendors could once again ply their trade. This is supposed to be a way of moving on, amidst the slogans of "Stay Strong Davao." I think it's a mistake. For one, it's a crime scene and there might have been some crucial bits of evidence washed away in the haste. And for another, it's far too quick, as if the lives of the fourteen people that were killed there didn't really matter. Commerce must continue, the city seems to be saying. A period of mourning, leaving the area untouched, would have been appropriate.

But really, what do I know? In Davao City, the mayor is always right.