Thursday, September 01, 2016

244: Hoaxed by BPI

img_20160831_213815.jpgLike many other people, I got punk'd by the Bank of the Philippine Islands. BPI made a big hoo-hah about updating our customer information, going as far as to go on nationwide TV to announce the deadline, three days after they announced it, and that failure to comply would result in us being unable to transact electronically. So dutifully I filled out my form and tried to submit it to the bank, only to be told it wasn't really needed. What the frog, BPI? Very disappointed!

On another note, it turns out Dropbox was hacked and my account was among them. The actual breach took place in 2012 but it seems that the data is being leaked now. Am I concerned? Somewhat. Fortunately, I'm using two-factor authentication and so I'm only mildly worried.