Wednesday, August 31, 2016

243: Wisdom and Irony

img_20160830_215641.jpgNot quite Banksy, but I dare say we have a fairly above average literate graffiti artists in Davao City. This one is on my route past the Dakudao overpass. Other messages I've seen say: "TV is Mind Control" and "Don't Be A Slave to Money." I can't say I disagree with the sentiments. I just wish there was a little bit to their expression. I wonder what they have to say about the present situation, though. Have they been brainwashed into accepting violence like the rest of the country?

img_20160830_215748.jpgFor lunch, I went to this small joint called Busganan, just walking distance from the office. The food is good, if a little pricey. Their tables are made discarded cable spools which I think adds to the rustic ambience.