Monday, August 22, 2016

234: Sample Population

Over lunch, we got to talking about the different restaurants in Davao, what food they served and what their price ranges were. Then we got to talking about their owners. "Such-and-such restaurant is owned by (insert name of local tycoon)."

"Oh, he's really diversified into many things."

"His father was a Marcos crony, you know."

"Ah, that explains it."

"You know, it's not really him who manages it. It's his wife."

"Second wife, you mean."

"Actually, not his second wife. By the stipulations of their father's will, they're not allowed to remarry. Otherwise, they get cut off from the family fortune."

"Alright, let's call it for what it is: his mistress, then."

"Mistress it is."

"You know she's half his age. He must be in his early sixties now. She's in her late twenties or early thirties."

"Ew, creepy."

"But she must really love him a lot."

At this I had to suppress a smirk.

"You know, it's just like Zsa-Zsa Padilla. She stayed with Dolphy up till the end of his life. Isn't it romantic?"

"And you know what the problem with your suppositions are?" I interjected. "Your sample population."

"How so?"

"Your sample population seems to be limited to filthy rich old men. To really prove the hypothesis, you would have to include middle class old men and poor old men. Do you have any cases?"

"No? Well..."