Thursday, August 18, 2016

230: Taishozan

img_20160817_122254.jpgEmily and I had lunch at Taishozan, a small Japanese restaurant along Sobrecarey in Obrero. Taishozan affects a different ambience than the Japanese restaurants in Damosa. It feels more upscale and the waitresses have kimonos for uniforms. It's quieter, too, so it's good for an intimate date or a meeting. Price-wise, it's on par with the places in Rowe Square, though they do levy a service charge.

img_20160817_123029.jpgWe ordered porkloin ramen (pictured above), katsudon, and fried gyoza. The ramen was soft and bouncy and the sauce was savory. The katsudon was part of their lunch meal set, each going for P139, served with miso soup. The gyoza was excellent, too.

img_20160817_104810.jpgMeet Mandy and Minx (and Mouse). They're my debugging companions at work.