Saturday, August 06, 2016

218: Miniature Horse

img_20160805_080254.jpgWe were invited to breakfast at one of our posh distant relatives. They're big fans of horses and they had a miniature on their grounds. After our meal, I went up and approached the horse. I made it a point to walk slowly so as not to startle the beast. It seems, though, she was so used to people she didn't even bat her tail, so to speak. Quite nice to be looking into those intelligent eyes.

Emily and I went with some friends and officemates to this new restaurant called Burgers and Board Games at Damosa. It's a new joint, fairly packed with Davao's younger set. As the name suggests, their draw is a large collection of board games and card games. It turns out the people running it are the same people behind Space Burger, so the recipe for the burgers was familiar. A good thing, too, because Space Burger never really shook the market the way it should have. I hope they pick up on this. Still, the burgers were a tad on the expensive side, but I suppose it's because they have to offset that against the wear and tear on their equipment -- pieces do get lost and cards do get smudged. Worth a visit.