Monday, August 01, 2016

213: Quiet Time

And so July comes to an end, and August begins tomorrow. Today has been a relatively quiet day, no deliveries or pressing external engagements. We woke up late, we went through our chores at a leisurely pace, and we had meals with both sides of the family. Things will pick up again tomorrow, I'm sure, so it was good to pause and recover today.

Perhaps now is a good time to also list the good things that have happened since I started with the new company. It's been two months and I've adjusted to the pace. I could get used to this:

  • My hours are pretty set, work starts at nine and ends at six, from Monday to Friday.

  • My commute is half what it was before.

  • I have no problems finding parking.

  • I can have lunch with my parents or with Emily.

  • No long and meandering meetings.

  • No long and officious letters or memos.

  • I have room to develop my philosophy and spirituality, sans distractions.

  • I can remain focused on one thing for stretches at a time.

  • I am working with young and competent people.

  • I have a very quiet work environment, which leaves time for reflection and concentration.

And the pay...well, I won't be talking about that.

So yeah, this is good.