Sunday, July 31, 2016

212: Road Trip

img_20160730_132926.jpgEmily and I took my parental units on a road trip to Tagum. Granted, it was only an hour's drive away but relatively speaking, it was out of the way for us, so the excursion was a special one. I don't usually go such long distances, but on the stretches of highway, it was liberating to go at 100kph.

We started out late so we got to Tagum just in time for lunch. Lunch was at Armand's, a popular hole-in-the-wall. We had a veritable feast. They ordered kaldereta, beef steak, tuna belly, and dabong. We topped that off with buko pandan. Afterwards, we went to Yuyu's for sweet potato fries.

We visited a couple of Japanese surplus shops. Emily was excited to find Noritake tea sets. I couldn't figure what the fuss was about and I thought the asking price of P1,400 was a bit steep for a set of four. Emily seemed really happy about it. Later, we checked the prices of the sets online and found they were worth P6,000!

Over all, this trip was a welcome break. We'll probably do another one soon.