Thursday, July 21, 2016

202: Quarantine

I'm feeling somewhat better than I did the past two days, though my head was still heavy so I opted to stay in rather than report for work. It amazes me how much I was able to sleep the past three days, counting even today. I was up more, but I still did not have much zest for anything.

I did go to the hospital early this morning to get my blood samples. My dengue results came back negative -- my IgG antibody was positive but my IgM was negative, indicating a bout with the virus some time ago, but not recently. I suppose that's a good sign.

All this rest has got me bouncing from one thought to another. My ramblings got me looking up 1980's pop star Tiffany Darwish who, while no longer as big a name as she was before, is still active today. Then I read that she starred in a B-movie together with her then-rival Debbie Gibson, also still active today. Said B-movie was Mega-Python vs Gatoroid, where they play -- surprise, surprise -- rival characters. Highlight of the movie was apparently a catfight between the two leads. In the end, they both get eaten by monsters.

In real life, the two had a concert tour together in 2011.

I wonder if, several years from now, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian will also star in a movie together and have their own catfight. You know, for old times' sake?