Sunday, June 26, 2016

177: Instrumentation

img_20160625_161908.jpgI attended the first day of a two-day seminar on instrumentation and control. This seminar is a requirement for the renewal of my ECE license. It's not something I really use but I'll probably go through the process (a) for sentimental reasons (b) it might come in handy and (c) it's nice to have another government ID. I wish the seminars weren't so expensive, though.

The seminar went off to a slow start. Almost all the seminars from IECEP I've attended have been real clunkers. I don't know if it was from nervousness but our speaker frequently kept groping for words and referred to his work in the K.S.A. Still, once we got to the details of some of the instruments and all the different mechanisms for measuring pressure, temperature, level, flow, and other indicators, it got pretty interesting. A good view into another discipline.

img_20160625_174543.jpgEmily and I passed by the second-hand warehouse store. This is the store that sells discarded stuff from the USA. I only go for the toys but I didn't get anything. This time, they had dumped all the action figures and smaller kibble into one big bin.

I went to watch Independence Day 2 by myself. It was a spiritual successor to the first movie from twenty years ago, which means that it was stupid but fun if you check your brain in at the door. The first act was too long, though, the middle felt rushed, and the ending got me as cross-eyed as its predecessor. It tried to hit the same emotional notes but mostly fell flat. The rousing speech at the core of the first movie is hard to replicate. Plenty of Chinese product placements and screen time for Chinese actors, which likely means Chinese funding. Gotta love the Power Rangers ending, though.