Wednesday, June 22, 2016

173: Teaching Again

So I'm back to teaching again. It's just for this week, though. We have new hires in the company and I am to get them up to speed. The plan is for a crash course in our technology stack -- Linux, Grails, Groovy, JavaFX, Eclipse, and everything else in between -- so they have a smoother entry into the work environment. It's a packed schedule and the hardware problems we faced this morning didn't make things any easier. Fortunately we got all that sorted out with some ingenuity.

My charges are graduates from UP Mindanao. It's refreshing to be dealing with people from other universities. They're quick studies and I'm gratified to see their progress.

Office chit-chat has turned to weekend side-projects. One of my colleagues has done some mobile game development, the other is planning a role-playing game. It's a distraction from the work we do, but a welcome one. It's good team-building, I say, and I'm hoping we can rope in some more. Then perhaps some contests further down the road.

I am also working through some online courses. I am working through Introduction to Python for Data Science and will probably take some of the follow-on courses.

Y tambien, mi EspaƱol ha mejorado mucho en los meses pasados.

I guess you really just can't repress your nature.