Tuesday, June 21, 2016

172: Ever Onward

After an eventful weekend, today found me back in the groove of work. I quite enjoyed it, actually, because after all the constant switching gears at Ateneo, I am now focusing on just one thing, that thing being Java. It's putting me in a different mindset, almost purely analytical, very close to a zen state of being.

Speaking of which, today I met B--, a contemporary in the IT industry. He was co-founder of one of the first computer companies in Davao and still manages operations. I told him I was back in software development. His comment: "Man! I can't believe you still have the patience for that."

I am getting into Part VI of Dan Carlin's Blueprint for Armageddon. It's been a significant time investment but something I enjoyed and learned from immensely. The podcast has shown me how the troubled world we have today -- the rise and fall of communism, problems in the Middle East, the economic order -- all were influenced by the events of the Great War. Even now it casts its shadow on us.

It's also given me a bit of perspective. Lately I've been feeling down at the trajectory the country is taking. I'm worried about troubles ahead, what with the resurgence of the power of old oligarchs and destructive social conditioning on the rise. But all this is really peanuts to what our European predecessors have had to go through. If the world could make it through that, there might be some bit of hope for us after all.