Monday, June 20, 2016

171: Father's Day

img_20160619_194837.jpgToday is Father's Day, an entirely made-up holiday with no historical basis, but a good idea nonetheless. After all, it's a chance to show appreciation for your sire. It's been a good day for good eats, which is how we chose to celebrate the occasion. For lunch, we went to Coco's, and for dinner, we tried Boystown Pizzeria in Maa.

img_20160619_193117.jpgBoystown been making waves for a couple of years now. An Italian priest taught his young charges how to make pizza. They have their own brick oven and they make the pizza right in front of you. The crust is thin and crispy and they're quite generous with their servings. The price to value ratio is very good.

It's just a little hard to get to because it's out in Maa, in the same compound where the charity operates. But it's well worth the trip for something special. Our host and baker was a young fellow named N--, one of the beneficiaries of the program. He continues to volunteer his time at Boystow to make pizza. Quite an engaging fellow.

img_20160619_145842.jpgEmily had two cakes today. Here they are in their sweet cartoony glory.