Sunday, June 19, 2016

170: An Idle Day Realized

I discovered Shadowrun Chronicles last night. It had been sitting in my Steam account for quite some time, another title in my growing backlog. It was on my list of games to try, though, and I finally got around to it yesterday.

I ended up playing till one in the morning. I'm not sure it's my kind of game anymore but I found the story mechanic quite engaging and so I got till the middle of the story and closed it somewhere between chapters.

As a consequence, I woke up late. Then I remembered: I'd been pining for idle days and maybe it was today. I resolved to do as little as possible and to not think of work. Instead, I slept, I read, I played. Somewhere in there I still managed to do the laundry and an online course and I helped Emily with a cake setup in the afternoon. But I like to think I achieved some measure of idleness.

Tomorrow, I am going to try again. This time, with the computers off. It'll be like a retreat of sorts.

img_20160618_204540.jpgThis is the wedding cake Emily made.