Saturday, June 18, 2016

169: Code Review

img_20160617_173722.jpgWe held a code review at the office today. My former student J-- and our colleague K-- led the walkthrough, and they did it quite well, considering the complexity of the source. We turned up a couple of minor issues here and there but that was the whole point of the exercise. Overall it was a fruitful endeavor. I have a greater admiration for our product, for Java, and for J--. Now I am the student.

The entire team had lunch at Gangnam. It was something spontaneous. As we were going down for our noon break, I brought my keys with me because I left my wallet in the car. "Want to go to Abreeza instead?" I asked. Nods all around. So we all piled in and off we went.

The servings were smaller than I remembered the past few times I had been there, but it was a good impromptu activity to build camaraderie.