Friday, June 17, 2016

168: Bad Doggie!

img_20160616_190134.jpgI woke up this morning to find a big smelly puddle right in the middle of our media room. The shock was momentary because I had to mop up the mess really quick. Our flooring is made of laminated wood and we've been told that if water seeps in, the lining beneath can absorb it and cause the floor to bulge and break. Since we didn't have old newspapers in the house, I had to sacrifice some old survey forms to soak up the pee.

So who's fault was it? We'd been too trusting of Doggie so we let her have the run of the house, thinking she knew not to make a mess inside. But then a dog is a dog, after all. Perhaps she'd gotten comfortable, perhaps she really had to go. To think that we didn't even let her sleep in last night, so it must have been sometime earlier in the evening.

After I had cleaned up, Emily suggested we should discipline Doggie. I brought her up to the room, put her nose against the smelly floor, and spanked her with a slipper three times. She didn't yelp, her tail was still wagging. I figured her rump must have been too thick to really feel anything.

But throughout the whole morning, Doggie was quiet. She didn't insist on her morning walk, she didn't knock on our door. She just stayed in her dog house. When I brought out her breakfast -- leftover oil and sauce from corned beef over rice -- she didn't rush out to her bowl. It wasn't until I nudged the bowl to her that she came down to eat. When I saw her face, it looked like she was about to cry. I didn't know dogs could do that.

Emily told me Doggie was exceedingly subdued the whole day. She did knock once but after Emily shushed her, she didn't try again. I think she knows she did wrong.

This evening, I sat with her out on the front porch. She was a bit back to her old self, but she knows to tread carefully. Her punishment will last till tomorrow morning, after which we'll slowly start letting her in again. But we'll be sure not to let her out of our sight while she's inside.

img_20160616_190134.jpgCorn soup and cheese sandwich for dinner. Not as fancy as last night's but just what I needed.