Wednesday, June 15, 2016

166: To Dream Of Idle Days

At my age I have this one odd persistent longing: to wake up one morning with nothing pressing in mind, just the simplest of chores at the start of the day, and for all the rest of it, alternating reading, drawing, and napping. But unfortunately that just isn't possible. Even Saturdays and Sundays have their lists of tasks to do and people to meet. Often the thoughts are already on the work for the coming week.

That's why I really envy kids these days. They can plunk themselves in front of a tablet and watch YouTube or play video games all day. I don't have that stamina or strength of concentration anymore. It's not even that I think they ought to be doing something better with their time, quite the contrary, I really wish I could watch YouTube and play video games all day. But sadly my brain isn't wired for that anymore.