Sunday, June 12, 2016

163: On a Fast Train

img_20160611_142106-01-01.jpegEmily and friends were asked to make props for a photo shoot and the centerpiece was this train set. The cars were really just plastic containers. Paper, cardboard, styrofoam, and a healthy dose of imagination took care of the rest. Since I have a pretty healthy imagination, I just had to have a ride. All aboard!

Greysh, Jeff, Darylle, and Rene came to the house for training on how to manage Dagmay. I am glad for the help. After nine years of running the site practically by my lonesome, it's good to have others pitch in. I was this close to giving up on the site.

It was good to have friends over at the house. Writers that they were, the first thing they headed for were my bookshelves. And now those shelves are a few books lighter because my friends carted off some of the titles (with my permission, of course.)

Emily made cakes and pastries. for us. What was left over we brought to the monthly writers meeting. Tita Ayala took a shine to Emily's carrot cake and asked for all the rest of it. Never have I been prouder.