Tuesday, June 07, 2016

158: Itchy Worms

img_20160606_230533.jpgWe've been dealing with a caterpillar infestation lately. They're on the walls on, on the ceiling, and even on the curtains. They build sticky cocoons which are hard to remove. Two Sundays ago, I spent the entire afternoon cleaning up these cocoons from the house.

For a while I thought I'd be polite and use my grappling claw to toss them over the fence. That approach obviously didn't work and I was forced to take drastic measures, first drowning them and then finally zapping them with extra-strength bug spray. A dose doesn't kill them right away, it takes a few seconds for them to curl up and writhe in their agonized death throes.

My research tells me these are tent worms but I'm not absolutely certain. It's hard to find serious works of entomology for the Philippines, at least through the usual channels.