Sunday, June 05, 2016

156: Retiring

In the Philippines, crocodiles are associated with corrupt politicians. In ancient Egypt, they figured prominently in religious imagery. In the Egyptian pantheon, there is Sobek, the crocodile-headed god. Then again, Egyptian gods are dead and no one remembers them except in museums. As far as I am concerned, crocodiles are only fodder for morbid curiosity.

I have decided to trim down my social media engagements even further. Today I deleted my LinkedIn account. It never really did anything for me except fill my inbox with reminders and notifications. LinkedIn also featured in a massive password breach which they did not disclose until years later so those are more reasons to distrust them.

I have also set my Twitter account to private. It's a drastic move but I no longer feel that social media is a safe place. Social media has become a tool for monitoring and control. Neither intelligence nor facts are necessary to dominate, only vitriol and hate. In social media, trolls reign supreme. I still feel the need for a platform and that is why this blog is here, but I have already turned off all commenting facilities, except for a few selected friends.

Muhammad Ali died today. He was quite the character, an icon for his generation, but in the end, he was mortal. Sic transit gloria mundi and requiescat in pace.