Saturday, June 04, 2016

155: Jumping Without A Parachute

img_20160603_192759.jpgFriday nights are when I knock myself silly with a game of FTL. As it turns out, I just came from a victory, using Kestrel B. I had two Flak I guns which, as it turns out, can be enough to win the game, but for good measure I also had a Burst Laser I and a Small Bomb. The Small Bomb seems almost like a joke but I have found out it's a deadly combination if you have a teleporter and a Rockman boarding crew, which by the way I did. In fact, I chose the latter tactic on the Rebel Flagship, first knocking out the medbay (which caught fire, hooray!) and picking off the crewmen with a follow-on Mantis boarding crew. With the Rebel crew all dead, it was a simple matter to knock out all the other remaining systems and finish off the ship with the Flak guns.

Sigh. Why do I even bother with other games? FTL is all I really ever play now.

In other news, Emily made spare ribs and salad for dinner.