Tuesday, May 31, 2016

151: Despedida

My colleagues at the University Research Council held a despedida dinner for me at Bistro Rosario. I'm normally too shy to attend events like this, but this is the closest group of friends that I had worked with for five years in Ateneo, and so I felt no awkwardness at all. More than anything else, my involvement with the URC is what made Ateneo feel like a university for me. I will miss them.

Well, not that I'll be too far off. I've offered my services anytime they need me. Personal loyalty trumps most other considerations.

I am currently going through Dan Carlin's Blueprint for Armageddon, Part I. I had listened through parts III and IV of this series last year, but this time around, I am making a project to go through all the episodes in order. Part I lays the groundwork for the war by providing the background into the complex political situation of the time. It's a riveting piece and a masterful work from Carlin. It makes me want to pick up other books on the subject.