Monday, May 30, 2016

150: Baking Lessons

img_20160530_000005.jpgWe had my godkids, L-- and J--, come over the house today to take some baking lessons from Emily. In the morning they made chiffon cake, and in the afternoon they made chocolate chip cookies, cream puffs, brownies, and strawberry shortcake. They made some swans out of the cream puffs, which I thought looked very nice. I think I might have gained three pounds at least.

Speaking of pounds, I unearthed an old picture of myself, circa 200 pounds. I was backing up some files from old hard disks and I turned up some photos from before. I looked like a fat chipmunk way back then. I also looked much older than I am now, with my cheeks puffed out and my shoulders rounded. That picture shall never see the light of day on the Internet.

And speaking of old pictures, I got a little misty eyed looking at all the old photos. Some of them date back to the early mid-2000's, which, if you think about it, was ten years ago. We were all so much younger then. Those are years that will never come back.

We'd been dealing with a caterpillar infestation throughout the house. The caterpillars are the hairy kind, probably tent caterpillars. It's only been our good fortune we haven't brushed against any itchy hairs. Worse, they've built cocoons all over the house.

This afternoon, I finally did something about it. I cleaned up all the cocoons and sprayed all the remaining caterpillars. It was a bit of a challenge. Many of the cocoons were on the ceiling or on the high walls. I employed a high pressure house to soften up the buggers, and I wore gloves so I could handle the insect corpses safely. It took all afternoon.