Sunday, May 29, 2016

149: After Twenty Years

When I went to Mass this morning, who should I meet but the man himself, Dr. Bernie Villegas! Dr. Villegas is co-founder of the Center for Research and Communication and the University of Asia and the Pacific, where I first taught way back in 1992. It was also my first job. Despite his stature, Dr. Villegas was always gracious and knew each of us by name. I left UA&P in 1994 but the couple of times we ran into each other after that, he still remembered my name.

And now it's been twenty years or more. I did a double take when I first saw him across the pews. I thought I saw something familiar. A second later, it all came back to me. I waited for him to finish his thanksgiving then went up to meet him. It turned out he was with two other acquaintances of mine, one of whom I had not seen in as long a time. Funny how we all remembered each other.

"You're thinner" was their first comment. Which goes to show, even way back then, I must have been roly poly.

Twenty years. Wow.

img_20160528_203259.jpgEmily made a wedding cake and we set it up this afternoon. Strange as it may seem, I've missed setting up for weddings. It's something outside my usual routine and I like the vibe. No, I don't plan to make a career out of it, thank you very much.