Wednesday, May 25, 2016

145: Passing the Torch

img_20160524_190311.jpgEmily made nasi lemak for dinner. This just happens to be my favorite dish, but unfortunately almost impossible to get in the Philippines. Luckily my wife has ideas on how to prepare it. While the dish wasn't street-authentic, it was still very good. I may have eaten more than I should have.

I wasn't expecting to do so but I found myself shuttling back and forth between Ateneo and The Other Office today. There were some people I needed to talk to but I missed seeing them after lunch so I had to go back after five. Still, it was all good.

One of the longish discussions at Ateneo was how to get technology-based startups off the ground given the constraints that our students face. I have some thoughts on this and I'm curious to see how this would work in practice. It looks like I may still have some things to do with the university.

At Apollo, I briefed our new employees on how to navigate around Linux. Some things never really change, I guess. Then again, teaching Linux is something I am very good at. Fortunately my colleagues were quick studies and were working on their own after my orientation.