Monday, May 23, 2016

143: Selfie Con Una Corbata Amarilla

img_20160522_211415-01.jpegWe were invited to Emily's grandaunt's 86th birthday celebration. It was an 11-course lauriat meal, suffice to say I am well and rightly stuffed. Actually, I just had a little taste of everything without going overboard. Easily the tastiest dish was the Peking duck in wraps.

As a token for the guests the women received shawls and the men received neckties. Mine was a bright yellow number. I haven't worn a necktie in years but I could still tie one so I put it on. Over my red shirt, Emily commented that I looked like a manager at McDonald's. Anyone care to give a second opinion?

img_20160522_151726.jpgAs a counterpoint to the naughty picture from yesterday, here's a G-rated My Little Pony-themed cake.

I've started reading George Lakoff's Thinking Points: Communication Our American Values and Vision. I've been interested in Lakoff because I heard good things about his other book Metaphors We Live By. I'm still looking for a (cheap) copy of Metaphors but I did chance upon Thinking Points at Book Sale. Only P35.

Thinking Points is subtitled "A Progressive's Handbook". I've only started the book but it seems that Lakoff is trying to address the progressive-conservative divide in America. But early on, Lakoff already introduces the idea of biconceptualism, i.e., a person may simultaneously hold progressive and conservative views in different areas.

I'm curious as to how these concepts apply to the Philippines. We don't traditionally subscribe to labels of "progressive" and "conservative", instead we seem to be pragmatic materialists. Lakoff does seem to want to highlight values and perhaps in our case that may well be what it boils down to.

Anyway, more reflection required.