Thursday, May 19, 2016

139: Out of Commission

I haven't been sick since I dropped fifty pounds from my weight, so it felt odd to be out of commission today. No, I haven't been brought low by colds or flu. I have a lesion on my tongue and another one on my gum. The gum I don't mind so much, but the one on the tongue, it is absolutely painful. My entire mouth feels out of sorts, I can't eat properly, I can't even sleep properly, I was feeling nauseous the entire day. And to think the wound is less than a quarter of the nail on my pinkie. But I guess that's what happens when the organ in question is full of nerve endings.

That's why I didn't go to work today. Actually there was one other thing. My day started at 2AM because I had to work on the questionnaire for a humongous survey, about 150 questions in all, each with an average of 10 options. It was boring as heck to do, but I guess when you know you're being paid enough, that's good incentive to just slog through. It took me till noon to finish the entire document, counting breaks and household chores as necessary distractions in between.

Here's the thing with being sick, though. You'd think that it's a good time to catch up on reading or play some games, but in reality, there's no zest for anything. I just slept the whole afternoon, sneaking in just a bit of Internet trivia here and there, the path of least resistance.