Tuesday, May 17, 2016

137: Ressentiment

Lately I've been considering next steps where life should go. My seven year association with Ateneo de Davao is effectively coming to an end starting this June. It's been a fruitful time and I've grown much, maybe too much, in fact, because I feel like I've outgrown Ateneo. There's still room for a lot of good -- it is a university, after all -- but there are elements in it that want to hold back, stay small and comfortable, and resist the world that it should be engaging. More's the pity.

Now I've been drawing up my own list of what I want to do with my freedom. There's a software development team that's in the works and I may be doing some IoT along with it. I'm curious about precision agriculture and urban gardening. I want to do more statistics and data analysis. There may be time to do some personal publication as well. And to brush up on my Mandarin and Spanish.