Sunday, May 15, 2016

135: Euclid's Elements

I ran my class on SDAPS questionnaire creation this morning. I had more students than I expected -- ten of them mostly from the social sciences but also engineering and business. They didn't have much experience with programming so it was a challenge introducing them to LaTex. They did fairly well, though, and if there were any problems it was because I forgot some of the issues that crop up with SDAPS alignment.

I also got to take the Raspberry Pi on a stress test for this class. It held up quite well. Everybody ssh'd into the Pi and connected via Samba. The only issue was I think Samba ran out of open connections so I got locked out. All good in the end, though. I capped the event with a live demonstration of the Fujitsu scanner, running with the Raspberry Pi, too.

I finished BBC4 In Our Time's program on Euclid's Elements. The guests on this episode were quite enthusiastic and that enthusiasm was infectious. I'm half tempted to buy a straightedge and a compass and work through the Elements myself.