Saturday, May 14, 2016

134: Raspberry Pi

I got the SDAPS optical mark recognition package and SANE scanner utilities running on my Raspberry Pi 2 this morning. I am pleasantly surprised that the packages carried over seamlessly from Ubuntu on the x86_64 to Raspbian on Raspberry's ARM. It helps that the dependencies were all available on the ARM architecture and that SDAPS is made of Python scripts. It's just simply amazing.

This is something that I've had to prepare for as I'm conducting training on how to make SDAPS questionnaires tomorrow. My audience will be mostly non-technical people so they'll be running on Windows clients. I also have Samba configured on the Raspberry Pi. It's all tested so I'll just have to wait till tomorrow to see if the RPi holds up to the load.

**One of the YouTube channels I'm enjoying very much is the Hydraulic Press Channel. The premise is simple: engineer with a hydraulic press and an Eastern European accent crushes stuff. You name it: balls, paper, non-Newtonian fluids, clay, aluminum, and even other hydraulic presses. The group is quite prolific, too, coming out with a short video every week. It's goofy fun.

Who invented the novel? According to The New Yorker, the honor goes to Samuel Richardson. Richardson was an 18th century Englishman who ran a printing press. Two London booksellers approached him with the idea of coming up with a book of model letters upon which others could pattern theirs. Out of that seed came "Pamela", an epistolary novel between the eponymous heroine and her suitor. The work was influential enough to earn several parodies and imitators. The article has more to say about Richardson's works in comparison with other now-better-known writers of his day.