Monday, May 09, 2016

130: Obligatory

img_20160509_133543.jpgI have done my civic duty. Now I pray that this will help lead to a brighter tomorrow and not a darker one.

It took a while for me to find my precinct. The initial info from the COMELEC web site said I should go to E. Ramos National High School. I biked there at 9AM and found that my precinct was at Angliongto Elementary School. Shame, because the lines at Ramos were much shorter.

Angliongto wasn't much farther but the lines were long. After waiting a few minutes, I skipped out and went home. Good thing, too, because we had some handymen over. I waited till lunch and left for the precinct right after.

Past noon, the lines were shorter and I managed to put down my vote in under an hour.

Whereas the past few days I felt a sense of agitation, I feel a bit of peace. I have prayed much about this. Now it's time to let it go.