Saturday, May 07, 2016

127: Eyeroll

img_20160506_172350-1.jpg.jpgStrangely I've been dozing off a lot lately. It usually happens when I'm in a moment of intense concentration, either listening to a lecture or meditating in the chapel. Suddenly I've blacked out and the next moment, I'm waking up. Blessed are those who sleep in Christ, I like to say. The episodes aren't long, either, just a few minutes. I should be embarrassed but I've learned to go with it. I wonder, though, if this is something I should be worried about.

I volunteered -- or perhaps it is better to say, I was volunteered -- to be the facilitator for the Art of Poetry massively open online course from Davao. The six weeks of the course have passed by rather quickly. We had our final round of video lectures this week. I have just a few more poems to add for my personal collection. Actually I have already met the minimum grade for the class so I don't really need to do it, but now the completist in me has been awakened, so I must finish it. I am quite happy with my selection, I might add, and I have really gotten into writing my annotations.

Still, I find it funny that I should have to be the one to facilitate for Ateneo. No other professor was willing to take this on, not from Languages and Literature, not from the Humanities where this belongs. Everyone else was just busy, or so they said. These are the moments that frustrate me with Ateneo de Davao. Too many specialists wrapped up in their own concerns, no spirit of adventure, no sense of the new.

Speaking of which: I had an eyeroll moment at school today. I won't repeat the details, it was just that bad. I just wonder if we let our sense of advocacy get the better of our good judgment, is all.