Sunday, May 01, 2016

121: On the Air

img_20160430_164211-01.jpegI was on radio this afternoon, together with some colleagues from Davao Writers Guild. We did readings of our works as part of the Kumbira! series of events to celebrate National Literature Month. With me were Jeff, Darcy, Greysh, and John. Our hosts were Ace Morandante and Zea Capistrano on their program From A to Z.

I read my short story
Truth Serum. I would also have read Alfredo-Who-Should-Have-Been but we ran out of time. Shame, because I was actually more fond of the latter story.

It was good to see a real radio station in operation. The booth was pretty cramped but quite cozy. They had a bit more equipment than what I had seen in Ateneo Blue Knights radio. Zea ran the board and it was fascinating to see how efficiently she did it.

It was a good break from the programming routine that I've gotten into lately. We may have given the notion to do more of these types of events. I hope it takes off.