Saturday, April 30, 2016

120: When the Going Gets Tough

img_20160430_000201.jpgI went shopping for toys tonight for the daughter of a friend celebrating her birthday tomorrow. I bought a little something for myself as well, a heavily-marked down Super Hero Mashers Captain America. Now Doctor Doom won't be so lonely.

At P300 a pop, I think I might add a couple more, actually.

The general mood for the elections certainly seems to have changed. The recent exposes have been bombastic and I can sense damage control in the offing. The previously leading candidate has been taken down a peg or two, thanks in no small part to his big mouth. It's anybody's game at this point. I already know who I'm voting for: at this point, I think Mar Roxas is the most credible and best-prepared candidate.

Finally, some Python came my way at The Office. My colleague from the Manila HQ sent me a poorly documented library/framework written in Python. The original hosting site had already gone defunct. I did some detective work to track down the resources and got the package up and running in under an hour.

It feels good to be back in my element.

I brought our spare coffee maker to The Office. It's about time we move away from the three-in-ones.