Friday, April 29, 2016

119: Civil War

20160429_002731.jpgEmily couldn't watch the movie tonight so I went ahead and saw Captain America: Civil War by myself. I would have waited for when she was free but I didn't want Internet spoilers to ruin the experience for me so I went solo.

Thoughts? It was a pretty solid movie that took the premise of the Civil War comic series and turned it into something more suited for its medium. Civil War the comic had a battle royale of superheroes in the Marvel pantheon. That wouldn't have worked out in a two-hour movie so it made changes. Different but appropriate.

But what really can you expect of a movie like Civil War? This is an excuse to pit superheroes against one another, who can beat whom. I appreciated the story they wrapped it in, though, because despite the much smaller scale, they made it more personal, and they threw in a few surprises as well. No spoilers here.

Over at work, I'm starting to look at other load-testing software. Grinder is a stress-testing tool for Java frameworks. A new adventure begins.