Wednesday, April 27, 2016

117: Serendipity

img_20160426_233604.jpgI found a Star Trek: Voyager script book at Book Sale going for only P60. My wife says I buy too many books, many of which I have not even started on.'s such a good bargain to pass up! Soon, perhaps someday soon, I will find the time to sit down and do nothing but read.

I gave Ubuntu a chance, really I did, but it's simply too bloated to run on my underpowered hardware. I admit, I like what they've done with 16.04. The UI feels much better, I can now bring the tool bar to the bottom of the screen instead of on the left side. For a while it seemed quite snappy. Unfortunately, I am having problems managing projects in Eclipse. I will most likely switch back to Lubuntu tomorrow, hopefully using the 16.04 code base.

Nothing much else to write about. Today was just about work. Ateneo in the morning to wrap things up, and The Other Office in the afternoon.