Tuesday, April 26, 2016

116: The Consolation Prize

img_20160425_130842_1-01.jpegLike his other hopeful supporters, I thought Mar Roxas owned the debates last night, for reasons already given. And yet, as I went through the day today, a bit of a reality set in. I doubt, really, that any of the hardcore base of the other side were swayed. Mar did well? Oh, they must have given him the questions beforehand. As far as the framing of the argument goes, there's just no way to win.

As for Duterte? He carried on like a drunk and a buffoon. But as with Trump, he could shoot somebody and not lose any of his voters. Sadly, sadly, that's what they want him to do.

So I'm going to do the best thing I can for my sanity: over the next two weeks, up until election time, I am going to stay away from social media and the news. Last night's debates confirmed my choice, Mar Roxas is the most qualified and most worthy candidate. I am going to leave it at that. On May 9, I will cast my vote following the dictates of logic and conscience and hope that sanity prevails. If not, well, life goes on.

I don't mind being wrong, and for the good of the country, I would even hope I am. Who knows? Maybe Duterte might make a good president. I really doubt it, though. I foresee chaos, economic turmoil, and another set of oligarchs coming out of the woodwork.

My consolation prize will be schadenfreude like you wouldn't believe.

On the other hand, Dewey defeats Truman.

On the request of my colleague, I attended an IPO Philippines seminar this afternoon. Nothing that I didn't already know, though. I stayed two hours, having dozed on and off through the first half. However, they switched to Q&A and the grandstanding inventors stole the stage. And that was my cue to exit.

I have started playing SpaceChem. This is my kind of game. I may end up learning organic chemistry from this, too.