Sunday, April 24, 2016

114: The Dark Side

img_20160423_133838-01.jpegFor a Saturday today was productive. In the morning I gave a training session on the Toolset plugin suite for my colleagues at Ateneo. There were only three of them -- Fr. D--, B--, and P-- -- but it felt good to be able to teach. Even at two hours I felt we sort of breezed through the material, but then again I just wanted to present them with enough to get started. I'm really not much for overexplaining.

In the afternoon we paid a visit to the palliative care hospice that my brother-in-law was a partner in. It was a bit of a drive, as far as Davao distances go anyhow, but we made it there all right. It was the chance to go to a part of Davao I hadn't only previously seen in passing.

The elections are still very much on my mind. Whatever the outcome, we seem to have crossed a threshold. We've shown ourselves to be less kind, less tolerant, less inclined to discuss. Instead, there is a readiness to pounce on the least amount of dissent. Social media has been turned into a weapon, no intelligence required, only the ability TO TYPE COPY PASTE IN ALL CAPS.

I hope someday the sociologists turn their eye towards this and dissect the hysteria and the cult of personality that's built up. In the meantime, I am hoping for the best, that we won't become a joke of a country again.

I tried Ubuntu 16.04. It looks good. I might run it on Dad's laptop for awhile.