Saturday, April 23, 2016

113: Transcending

img_20160422_220235.jpgI guess more than anything what I crave in my work environment is interaction. This is what's starting to disappear in Ateneo. Sadly it's become such a narrow place, too inward-looking, too busy, and too safe. This is not what I expect a university to be.

Today, at least, I had a respite from that. Instead of heading to The Other Office, I decided to go to campus to brief my colleague P-- on the legacy database we were supposed to be migrating. We hit some snags during the conversion (I missed a step from how I did it last night) and so we used the lull during the software installation to talk about other things. We discussed his upcoming thesis, various approaches, and solutions. We had a couple of Aha! moments, which is really what I live for.

Afterwards I met my lunch group, my former students from last year, and gave some crooked advice on how to get into the BPI Science Awards. I'm a bad influence that way.

Whatever the outcome, I'll be glad when the elections are over. It seems we haven't gone beyond our ape-like tendencies (no offense to apes) only we've been handed the sophisticated tools to magnify our stupidity. I don't think I've been exempt, either, though I've tried my darnedest best to tone it down and keep it level.

Out of this, I have a resolution. I have to transcend what the world has become -- with quiet, with reflection, and with study. Enough with the noise and the babbling. It's time to look for good, the true, and the beautiful.