Thursday, April 21, 2016

111: All Cylinders Firing

img_20160420_173355_1-01-01.jpegMy biorhythm must be showing all kinds of peak because today I think I had all cylinders firing. I met with the URC in the morning to review the upcoming BlueVote presentation. I met with the document digitization team and updated the web site. At lunch, I mapped out a potential business venture with a colleague from the School of Business. In the afternoon, I facilitated the Art of Poetry meetup. Tonight, I solved a longstanding problem about accessing a legacy Firebird database and I outlined an article for Fr. Dan. Not to mention some time for some family-related recreation. Today was good.

The Art of Poetry is an enjoyable course. Robert Pinsky is an inspiring teacher, passionate, authentic, and...light, in many senses of the word. Light, because he makes such a difficult subject seem so easy. Light, because he's radiant with the joy of the words. Light, because the topic just flows. This is the teacher I want to be.

I'm also making some new friends in the course. R-- is in the course for sheer love, it seems, and he pointed out some parts of the video lectures that I missed. D--, like R--, is also committed to the course and shared some of her insights. F-- and N--, our librarians, have caught some of the spark, too.

So what is an engineer and programmer doing facilitating an Art of Poetry meetup? Because, sadly, no one else would.