Saturday, April 16, 2016

106: Normalcy

Just a normal run of the mill day. in the morning I went to Ateneo to check on the progress of the BlueVote survey: they're going to be finishing the scanning and data capture today. In the afternoon, I went to The Other Office to finish yesterday's work.

I had a chat with some former students over lunch. These are incoming third years. Typical career guidance -- or mis-guidance, if you prefer. The ambitions tend to not have changed much. R-- was excited about Ubisoft opening in the country and was mulling over a second course in game development (advice: don't bother, build a portfolio instead). P-- was thinking about emotive computing for his thesis (advice: start reading journals.) It was good to talk with them again.

I am feeling pretty beat. I slept at 3am to finish the edits for a conference paper.