Friday, April 15, 2016

105: Down to Earth

img_20160414_234000.jpgEmily and I went to watch The Jungle Book tonight. The movie got very good reviews on IMDB and so I was curious to see how well it held up. To our pleasant surprise, it held up very well indeed. The Jungle Book is as perfect as a movie can be, with brisk pacing, lush visuals, sympathetic characters (even the villains!), fantastic voice work, and picture perfect CGI. No uncanny valley here. But the real treat was the young actor Neel Sethi. He slid so naturally into the role and Mowgli really came alive -- mischief, fear, anger, boredom, joy, sadness, and everything in between. This is a movie that I would not mind getting on DVD for several repeat viewings.

Prior to the movie we had dinner at Espetada Hanging Chicken. This is a restaurant in a new but unlikely row of food shops along Sobrecarey St. in Obrero. We had their signature hanging chicken, hummus, and laksa. Excellent preparation, would go back for more.

Today I worked on Maven configuration for our project. Learned quite a bit, but also encountered yet another instance of IT voodoo. Why the configuration would work for Eclipse but not for Maven -- well, now I know.

As the days wear on, I am getting discouraged with the open data project. This seems like a project no one really wants, nor understands. The CS cluster leadership is ambivalent, I am hardly getting any help (though I am thankful for the two colleagues who have stepped up). Anyway, just another month of this, then I put everything behind.